Monday, September 25, 2006

Reality Check

I'm not sure what type of music those who read this blog listen to, but I'd like to share with readers a billboard hit, Grillz by Nelly. The first time I heard Grillz I couldn't help but laugh. Check out Grillz . . .

Grillz Nelly lyrics
Artist: Nelly
Album: Sweatsuit
Year: 2005
Title: Grillz

(feat. Paul Wall, Ali, Gipp)

Rob the jewelry store and tell 'em make me a grill.
Dirrty, R&B.
Add da whole top diamond and the bottom Row's gold.

Yo we bout to start a epidemic wit dis one
Ya'll know what dis is... So So Def

Got 30 down at the bottom, 30 mo at the top
All invisible set in little ice cube blocks
If I could call it a drink, call it a smile on da rocks
If I could call out a price, let's say I call out a lot
I got like platinum and white gold, traditional gold
I'm changin grillz errday, like Jay change clothes,
I might be grilled out nicely (oh) In my white tee (oh),
On South beach (oh) in my wife beat.
V V and studded you can tell when they cut it
Ya see my granmama hate it, but my lil mama love it
Cuz when I...

Open up ya mouth, ya grill gleamin (say what)
Eyes stay low from da cheifin'

I got a grill I call penny candy you know what that means,
It look like Now n Laters, gum drops, jelly beans
I wouldn't leave it for nothin only a crazy man would
So if you catch me in ya city, somewhere out in ya hood just say

Smile fo me daddy
(What you lookin at)
Let me see ya grill
(Let you see my what)
Ya, ya grill ya, ya, ya grill
(Rob da jewelry store and tell 'em make me a grill)
Smile fo me daddy
(What you lookin at)
I want to see your grill
(You wanna see my what)
Ya, ya grill ya, ya, ya grill
(Had a whole top diamonds and da bottom Row's gold)

[Paul Wall]
What it do baby
It's da ice man Paul Wall
I got my mouth lookin somethin like a disco ball
I got da diamonds and da ice all hand set
I might cause a cold front if I take a deep breath
My teeth gleaming like I'm chewin on aluminum foil
Smilein showin off my diamonds sippin on some Pinot Noir
I put my money where my mouth is and bought a grill
20 carrots 30 stacks let 'em know im so fo real
My motivation is them 30 pointers V VS the furniture my mouth
Piece simply symbolize success
I got da wrist wear and neck wear dats captivatin
But it's my smile dats got these on-lookers spectatin
My mouth piece simply certified a total package
Open up my mouth and you see mo carrots than a salad
My teeth are mind blowin givin everybody chillz
Call me George Foreman cuz I'm sellin everybody grillz


Gipp got dem yellows, got dem purples, got dem reds
Lights gon hit ya and make you woozie in ya head
You can catch me in my 2 short drop
Mouth got colors like a fruit loop box

Dis what it do when da lou
Ice grill Country Grammar
Where da hustlas move bricks
and da gangsta's bang hamma's
Where I got em you can spot them
On da top in da bottom
Gotta bill in my mouth like im Hillary Rodham

I ain't dissin no body but lets bring it to da lite
Gipp was da first wit my mouth bright white
Yeah deez hos can't focus cuz they eyesight blurry
Tippin on some 4's you can see my mouth jewelry

I got fo different sets its a fabolous thang
1 white, 1 yellow, like Fabolous chain
and da otha set is same got my name in da mold

(Had a whole top diamonds and da bottom Row's gold)


Boy how you get grill that way and
How much did you pay
Every time I see you
Tha first thing I'm gon' say hey.....


Still I laugh when I hear this song. But on the other side of things it points to a sad, sad reality of so many people looking to a world of materialism to bring joy and satisfaction.

Monday, September 18, 2006

What's New

There are many new and exciting adventures the Hutcheson's are traveling through these days. While these adventures carry too much time for this blog, let me tell you about the latest small pleasure that has come into our lives, though, my wife would say my life.

A NEW IPOD! Not just any ipod, it's a video pod. The question that immediately comes to mind is, "why in the world do you need a video pod?" You don't, but let me tell you the enjoyment I have with this sucker.

Overall, the iTunes world is one you must invest in, period. You can freely subscribe to a vast range of podcasts. Podcasting is simply a way to receive broadcasts from ESPN, CNN, NPR and many others. If you miss Dan Patrick's radio show, you can simply listen to your podcast. I know, simply amazing.

The iPod world has been the title wave that has consumed me in the information age. The blogosphere is endless, and I attempt to read many blogs, but the depth of iTunes in its infantile beginning is immense. Now there are many podcasts to keep listening to regularly. Read the New York Times story on Apple's plans for iPod.

What makes the internet and iTunes so great is the accessibility of sermons. Right now you can go to certain sites like Desiring God or individual church websites like Buck Run Baptist Church, but iTunes is providing accessibility to so much in one place. Right now not every church is linked to be podcasted but many are such as Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, KY.

It is necessary for believers to surround themselves with sound biblical teaching and music throughout their week. These podcasts are free and provide just this exact necessity. As with any smogusboard, there are many poor items to search through just as in bookstores that exist for the church there are many poor, horrid books, iTunes has tasteless, "Christian" podcasts and music.

Currently, I subscribe to The Village from Dallas, TX, Mars Hill in Seattle, Southern Seminary's chapel sermons, Resurgence (video), Denny Burk (teacher at Criswell College), and Mars Hill music. I can't recommend Matt Chandler, pastor of The Village, enough, and there is much to say about Mark Driscoll check out his blog here here here

The a-spiritual podcasts I have are National Geographic (video), Blue Man Group (video), Multisport Video Podcasts, AtomFilms To Go, ESPN radio with Dan Patrick and Keith Obermann, and 60-second science.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for blogs on world religion/paganism and egg harvesting.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Left overs

There have been few postings over the past month, however, that does not mean I am out of the blogosphere. Keep checking for updates. I will be posting more thoughts and reflections over the next few weeks.

A few short notes . . .

Spam has infected blog notes as evidenced by the gambling invitations below.

Pluto is not a planet! The new definition of what constitues a planet excludes Pluto and the recently discovered Zena.

Steve Irwin is dead! Irwin said in his show, "I want to be remembered for passion and enthusiasm." There is no doubt that anyone would discredit Irwin of either two descriptions. This untimely death reminds us all that no matter our expertise, health, or strength, life is temporary and out of our control. Thank God for His grace to humanity and that God is in control.

Louisiana is stripping Bastrop High School of the 5A football state championship due to illegal recruiting! Dan Patrick, sports commentator, brought this news to my ears crying foul toward the Louisiana Athletic Board. Katrina devastated schools, homes, and sports. Athletes were told they could transfer to any school and play. Coaches from Bastrop recruited two players providing housing to them and their families. These football coaches did not provide material items to nonfootball players. Now the whistle has been blown and everyone including Dan Patrick says there is no harm done even if wrong/violation was done. I only bring write this as an illustration of our society. Even when wrong is done, individuals in this society claim no wrong, no sin. I am not belittling what Katrina did, but I am condemning coaches who took advantage of the situation, and now expect the violations they knowingly committed to be dismissed. What is done in the dark will be brought to the light.

If you love the guitar, buy all you can of Leo Kottke!