Thursday, March 22, 2007

Buried in Mud & Water under the Earth

Louisville news has been saturated with the story of a cemetery in Madison, IN. Families suffered heartache once again dealing with the death of family members. To their dismay burial plans had not been carried through. Instead of burial in an airtight, vault underground, the deceased were found in water-filled mudholes.

Needless to say, families were shocked and horrified to learn of this present circumstance. Funerals are difficult enough to manage through as families make decisions and undertake the costs of the entire process (if not previously managed). For a husband, mother, son, or daughter to awaken to false handlings of such a delicate situation is disheartening and sorrowful.

The good news is that the grave is not our final resting place. Death is final, but burial is not the end. The local news closed this story by focusing on a tombstone that had etched in Jesus' words, "Come ye all that are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest," Matthew 11:28

Whereever one dies, it is not the end. However death comes it is not the end of the body or soul. We long for a much better place and Jesus promises a much better place, but it is not in an airtight catacomb, luxury suite, or any place. Our Rest is be found in Jesus because He is our Rest. Jesus said, "If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and take you to myself that where I am there you may be also."

Friday, March 02, 2007

Check it Out!!!

After quite some time away from the blogging, I would like to highlight a new comer to blogosphere - my sister, Cindy.

There are many wonderful things to say about Cindy. First and foremost, add her to your list of blogs to read. She's relatively new with only a few posts, but her posts are warm and loving that center on her family.

I love hearing Cindy talk about her baby (ies). Listening to this new mother, MY SISTER, is so amazing that one whom I grew up with is now speaking so caringly, so maturely, so lovingly. God is so good and I praise Him for blessing Cindy with a great husband, Ivan and with their son, Preston.

Finally, I want to give Cindy a shout out that reaches all the way back to her senior year of high school. For some extra credit in her government class, Cindy turned in a speech for the VFW contest - Voices of Democracy. Let there be no doubt that her writing skills launched past regional speeches and triumphed over all state competitors that finally elevated her to the national level. Her speech continued to gather attention at the national level that took her on two trips to Washington D. C. and Las Vegas. She had the opportunity to rub elbows with Hershael Walker, Whoopi Goldberg, Harrison Ford, and Francis Ford Coppula. Cindy was excited about possibly meeting Oprah who was rumored to be there but didn't get the opportunity (yet!).

I would like to say that Cindy wrote the nation's best speech that year, but I can't. I knew at such a young age that something was sour about the judges. Recently my suspicions were recently confirmed. The judges have been implicated as Communists selling Human Growth Hormone and other performance inhancing drugs. There is no word yet as to the crown going to the rightful winner.

Nonetheless, enjoy Cindy's blog.